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Start with reaching out to the hospital.
Focus on the ICU departments and the ER. Ask them who else needs help.  


Build momentum via your local support group. We've been able to get most of our momentum from Facebook. We have a Community Forum group that was super helpful, but individuals are also spreading the word to friends they know who aren't on FB. Any community outreach method is great.

Donations can be collected through Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, etc. and sent to the person organizing it (make sure the account is empty when you start to avoid mixing funds). Payments to restaurants should be made however the restaurant wants -- we're trying to avoid having them incur credit card charges, if possible. 

Start connecting with local restaurants. We suggest servings on the small side, individually wrapped, and not messy. Plastic and paper are best so food can be reheated in a microwave. Ask restaurant to include forks, napkins, knives if needed. Our budget is approx. $6-8/serving for meals (sandwich halves, small containers of hot food, generally half-sized portions). Have the restaurants handle delivery.

We've created a weekly list for the hospital departments so they know what's coming and when, which also helps the security folks know this is a legit effort.

Create a rotating schedule for your restaurants so you can get to everyone! Let them include menus with their deliveries to help with advertising! 


Transparency and honesty are critical. Be sure to keep your donors updated on your progress, and the impact you're making.

Start small! Collect a small amount and get food delivered right away.  Bagel breakfast is a great first delivery!  

Build a small team that can work well together, and offer complementary skills/talents.  Together you will be stronger, but each should have their own responsibility.

SAFETY FIRST Whatever you do, ensure that your efforts never undermine the health and safety of the front line. Deliveries must be made by healthy individuals, food must be prepared under strict sanitary conditions. Ask your restaurants what they are doing to keep clean and safe. It's ok to ask - let's keep the front line safe.


Boxes of granola bars and bottles of water are easy substitutes if you find that working with restaurants or making a lot of deliveries is challenging.  

Always keep the point of this and our mission top of mind -- to support your local businesses, and show gratitude to the front lines. Never waver!  Get the FLAG logo here

*** ONCE YOU HAVE SET UP YOUR CHAPTER, please contact us at and give us the name of your organization and your Facebook address so we can add you to our national list and map. Please continue to email us any local press you receive. Thank you! 

IMPORTANT: Rule #1 for all chapters -- we're all locally run and responsible for the utmost of transparency and care/keeping of our front lines. All local chapters must accept their own responsibility and liability. No exceptions. 

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